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Estimated timeframes

Course Requirements
 Hold a Commercial Pilot Cert
 18 years old
 Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language.
 US citizen
Course Completion Requirements
10 hours in Cabri G2 in vertical reference
5 hours Ground instruction
Estimated Course Costs
10 hours of vertical reference in Cabri G2-$550/hr
5 hours of Ground Instruction-$50/hr



Graphic Spiral

Why is this useful?

Just a few practical real-world examples!

Aerial Construction Support

  • Helicopters eliminate both the setup and tear down costs of conventional cranes making helicopter pilots a desirable asset on any construction team. The lifting capabilities of a helicopter allow for a high degree of stability and highly accurate placements of materials on jobs including air conditioner units, steel columns, light poles, etc.​

Aircraft Recovery

  • Often contracted by government agencies and insurance companies, helicopter pilots can easily access remote areas to salvage downed aircrafts.

 Tree Harvesting and Hauling:

  • Helicopter pilots help bring holiday cheer to your local community by contracting with local Christmas tree companies to cut cost and time by hauling the holiday showcase item of the year by helicopter.

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