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Start Your Commercial Helicopter Career

Becoming a helicopter pilot can easily lead to a very rewarding and lucrative career. (Not to mention you sound cool at parties) The other positive is working in the aviation world the thing that matters most, is hours in the aircraft. So, if college isn't your thing, this is definitely a career for you.

If you're a high schooler looking to work somewhere other than retail when you graduate high school, this is something for you to look into, as well. You can start logging hours as early as years old. You have to be 16 to solo and 17 to take your check-ride. 

Cost of getting your CFI vs College

The average cost of getting a college degree in the United States, including books and supplies, is $35, 551 A YEAR. This means a 4-year degree costs about $142,000. Most careers that require a college degree can take years to pay for itself. At TruFlight we chose our helicopter (Guimbal's Cabri G2) specifically to save our students as much money as possible in the safest, easiest to transition, training helicopter available.

Bottom line, including the cost of your FAA Exams (3), check rides (3), flight hours (150hrs), and ground school time (about 100hrs) TruFlight Academy can get you to your CFI for as little as $71,000 (this price takes into account you may need more hours of either ground school or flight time to become fully competent). Helicopter pilots are in high demand, once you have your commercial certificate, finding a job is easy. 

Why TruFlight over other flight schools?

Our helicopter is what sets us apart from other flight schools. Most jobs, outside of flight instruction, will require competence in a Turbine Helicopter. Turbine helicopters cost significantly more to operate, which is why training is done in piston helicopters. The Cabri G2 is designed to make turbine transition practically seamless. It's full glass panel, its engine instrumentation, and its general operating procedures mimic closely a turbine helicopter.

Why is this not done in other helicopters?

Guimbal's Cabri G2 was certified by the FAA in 2015 with transition and safety in mind. The other training helicopters were certified as far back as 1938. The newest company (other the Guimbal) certified their helicopter base helicopter designs in 1979.

What jobs can you get?

Agricultural Spraying

Cherry Drying

Powerline Survey

Helicopter Tour

Oil Rig Transport

EMS/LifeFlight Pilot

Firefighting Helicopter Pilot

Police Helicopter Pilot

Military Aviation Officer

Corporate Pilot

Flight Instructor

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