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Guide To Play Parlay Betting in Football

In the realm of football betting within numerous betting platforms today, there exists a multitude of renowned betting types. However, not all types of bets are suitable or effective for players. So, what is a parlay bet? Does playing this type of bet guarantee a high chance of winning? Let's delve into betting tips everyday the details in the following article!

The Concept of Parlay Betting in Football

Parlay betting, also known as combo bets or in English termed as Mix Parlay, encompasses a collection of various bets such as Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Over/Under bets, 1×2 bets, handicap betting, and more. The percentage and odds for payouts are calculated based on a multiplier as stipulated by the betting platforms. Players simply need to multiply their stake with the correct payout rate defined by the betting platform.

What is Parlay Betting?

This type of combo bet has only gained popularity in recent years, particularly in major betting platforms where the number of participants has significantly increased. The aim of this type of bet is to provide a more diverse selection for members, ensuring players are not limited or restricted in their individual choices.

The advantage of parlay betting lies in the fact that players don't have to risk a large sum of money but can still yield a substantial return, akin to lottery-style bets when one hits a combo. Of course, in case of a loss, members will forfeit the entire amount they placed in bets previously.

How are Parlay Betting Rules Defined?

Regarding the rules in football parlay betting, they are quite straightforward. Players need to place multiple bets on the same match, a minimum of 2 different bets. Afterward, they choose the corresponding Odds they wish to participate in. These odds are openly displayed by the betting platforms for easy reference by members.

Once the selection of bets is completed, members simply need to input the amount of money they wish to wager into the system. Subsequently, automatic calculations will be executed to help determine the amount players stand to win in case of a successful bet.

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How to calculate combination bets in football betting

Regarding the winnings in combined bets in football betting, many enthusiasts are interested. Specifically, the calculation is implemented based on the following formula:

Calculate the combination odds for single winning bets: Combination odds = Odds of bet 1 x Odds of bet 2 x Odds of bet 3 x ... Odds of bet n.

According to this formula, one can calculate the amount they will win in a football match.

For football betting with combinations such as draw, win, loss... We will calculate using a slightly more complex formula, but it will still help determine the amount won:

In the case of a draw or a canceled bet: The odds for this bet will be replaced by 1.

For a half-winning bet, calculate using the formula: 1 + (odds of the bet - 1) / 2 = ?.

For a half-losing bet, the odds of the betting will be half of that bet.

In essence, the calculation method for combined bets will be applied in the mentioned cases. By practicing this, you will no longer find any difficulties or obstacles!

Some tips for newcomers in combination betting

When engaging in football betting and aiming for big wins through combination bets, it's crucial to pay attention to the following dark web betting tips app

Master the rules and betting principles: The rules or betting principles in football for any bet are vital. For combination bets, access the football betting system on the Wintips homepage for a more detailed understanding. Usually, betting sites provide odds tables for players, but it's also important to gather information about the match to have a more objective evaluation.

Focus on betting on one match: Betting on one match is a tactic used by skilled players. Typically, we shouldn’t excessively use this type of betting. Play bets on games you have thoroughly analyzed and have a high confidence level in winning. Avoid playing in long chains or following a 5-win-5-loss style as the risks will be high.

Choose reputable betting platforms: Currently, there are many large football betting platforms, but it's essential to pay close attention because not all platforms are trustworthy and meet safety conditions. Play combination bets with a high certainty by selecting reputable betting platforms to participate in placing bets.


The article provides objective information that Wintips has analyzed for enthusiasts regarding combination bets in football betting. Wish you success in your upcoming choices and may you achieve the victories you desire!


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