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Fitness Goals

Our helicopter was designed with safety and training in mind. It's advertised as "the little big helicopter" for a reason. There is a 230lb weight limit for our full-time students. You can do short flights at 240lbs but to get your license a cross county is required and the 230lb weight is ideal. To help more people occupy the pilot's seat of the Cabri G2, TruFlight Academy has partnered with Connor Strength and Conditioning who will give our students a free consultation/registration ($99 value) and offer our students a month to month program of $140/month. If getting in a helicopter is your dream you have a team of people excited to make that happen!

Connor's Program

Your journey starts with an hour consultation including;

An in-body scan

Goal setting

A nutritional guide

Once a plan has been made, your training can begin!

Workout sessions three times a week is expected

We offer virtual as well as in person training sessions

We are more than happy to accommodate TruFlight's out of town students by planning out virtual sessions as well as working with the equipment TruFlight provides in hangar on days flying keeps you from attending in person

We will also waive our 12-month contract and will offer a month to month program for $140/month.


Let's make your dreams a reality!

(918) 863-5791

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