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Fitness Goals

Our helicopter was designed with safety and training in mind. It's advertised as "the little big helicopter" for a reason. There is a 230lb weight limit for our passengers. To help more people occupy the pilot's seat of the Cabri G2, TruFlight Academy has partnered with Slade Personal Training to give our students a 20% discount on his 6-week body transformation program! Simply purchase a Discovery Flight, or one of our Block Rates, and head on over to Slade to accomplish your fitness goals!

The 6-Week Body Transformation Program

Lose 20lbs+ FAST without...

Spending countless hours in the gym


Giving up your favorite foods


What you're getting

1.  Custom nutrition 

2.  Three sessions per week with a coach


3.  Nutrition, coaching AND macro tracking 


4.  Effective HIIT cardio kickboxing


5.  Life-changing results that LAST


And that's just for starters...


The progress photos speak for themselves!

(918) 906-3015

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